Best Prices for Diving

Diving with equipment including:
1 day in Los Frailes with 2 scuba dives and food and drinks included, boat-trip and Dive Master. For actual pricing click here!

Diving without equipment included:
1 day with 2 dives friars without equipment including food and beverage, boat-trip and Dive Master. For actual pricing click here!
Attention! As a certified diver consider only people with current certification by hand. Our Dive Leader will review the documentation required  to avoid any misunderstandings and complications likely and during the trip.
Minimum age for diving is 10 years and must be accompanied by a parent or relative over 18, or after 12 years with a signed parental permission!

Including two dives 0-decompression time, food and drinks, supervised by a Dive Control Specialist Instructor.

How can you make your reservation? Easy, call 04168969040 or 04121964467 just a few days before, or sending a text message with the request on your reservation - then we call you back (only for Venezuela) ;-)

Beginner Program!
Try Scuba, Shore Pampatar: An ideal program for those who have very little time on their vacation, for example a weekend. Try Scuba in the morning begins with a theoretical and practical introduction to the subject of scuba diving (Classroom and Swimming Pool). In the afternoon we do a dive from the shore of Pampatar (costa de Margarita) in shallow water. For actual pricing click here!

Los Frailes Archipelago Try Scuba:
An ideal program for those who have very little time on their vacation, for example a weekend. Try Scuba in the morning begins with a theoretical introduction on the subject of scuba diving, followed by introduction of security practice, ending with an orientation dive with scuba gear. In the afternoon, after a delicious lunch in our beautiful home in Los Frailes, we do a second dive in shallow water. For actual pricing click here!

Try Scuba DivingAn ideal program for those who have very little time on their vacation, for example a weekend. Try Scuba Diving begins at our dive center SSI Scubadiving Margarita with an introduction on the subject of theoretical scuba diving, dive presentations, interactive audio and video, followed by introduction to freestyle diving (apnoea) and scuba diving (scuba) in our pool. Duration 3 hours. The next day 2 dives  done in Los Frailes Islands interrupted by a delicious lunch in our beautiful home. Including a basic recognition card diving (Attention: it’s not a certification, just a recognition card) For actual pricing click here!

International certification of Open Water Diver or Scuba Diver:
The two programs are very similar, starting with the part of the theory and practice in our dive center; with interactive presentations, audio and video, books and studies with final exams. The Scuba Diver course includes 1 excursion to t
he friars with 2 dives up to 12m and the Open Water Diver with 4 dives 2 excursions up to maximum 18 meters! Including lunch and boat-trip, where you will be trained to be a safe diver in the sport of diving. The Open Water Diver certification allows them to dive with other divers without supervision. The Scuba Diver certification is given to all persons who do not complete the requirements of the Open Water Diver but complete the minimum standards of SCUBA diving and will be eligible to participate in dives up to 12 meters under the supervision of a Dive Leader .

Price: 5 days with 4 dives ad the Archipelago of Los Frailes Islands For actual pricing click here!

New! 3 days intensive course (with the Open Water Diver course online SSI finished, check it on http://www.divessi.com/online) with 4 dives ad the Archipelago of Los Frailes Islands 

Price Model 2: 6 days with 6 dives, For actual pricing click here!

Note: All materials, equipment rental and registration costs of SSI are included. For those who have very little time on their vacation, for example a weekend, may offer the course Scuba Diver as a course self, where the student learns to handle well the basics of diving, allowing you to participate in dives up to 12 meters under the supervision of a Dive Leader . For actual pricing click here!

Advanced Education Program:

Something more than just diving! Adventure diving for advanced divers. Every Friday to Sunday, including all the theory and practice with a high standard:

Specialty Courses; Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Wave – Tides & Corrientes, Boat Diving, Diving with Limited Visibility or Night Diving, Underwater Photography, Perfect Buoyancy and many more.

Two Specialties and 12 dives accumulated and reconfirmed - qualify as Specialty Diver.

With four specialties reconfirmed and accumulated 24 dives, are qualified as Advanced Open Water Diver.

The price for Specialty:
Including study material, two hours of theory, two dives, administrative and registration For actual pricing click here!

New: Nitrox basic level 32/36 and Nitrox Advanced 40. For more information  call 04168969040 or 04121964467

Best Price offer: 
Two specialties in 4 dives, title term "Specialty Diver" For actual pricing click here!.

Four specialties in 6 dives with the terms of the title "Advanced Open Water Diver" For actual pricing click here!

Discounts for groups!
Groups of 4 persons participating in any education program of international certifications with  SSI: Scuba Diver, Open Water Diver or Advanced Open Water Diver (AOWD) will have a 10% discount to the price published!

Intensive Stress and Rescue Diver:
The Stress & Rescue course of three days helps to recognize the most common problematic during your dive and of your companion/s. Learn in this intensive course the techniques to help or save you and your partner. Learn also to provide basic first aid to adults and children. A course indispensable for a good diver or dive leader!

1. day 16:00 h - 19:30 h theory
2. day 09:00 h - 12:00 h practiced in pool
13:00 h - 16:00 h practiced on the beach
16:30 h - 19:30 h theory
3. day 08:30 h - 15:30 h at sea practice
16:30 h - 19:30 h final exam theory

Stress & Rescue course including certification SSI For actual pricing click here!
Basic First Aid course including certification PAB For actual pricing click here!

If you have not only one whole weekend to do your course, you can do it on two weekends - only contact us to plan well your course!

All programs listed are at no extra cost of the transportation provided when you will be staying in Playa el Agua / El Tirano / El Cardon. If you will come from another area, 20.-$US additional will be charged for each route (the route cost is up to 20Km, not per person, round trip).
If you come from a place much far away from this area check with the office about additional costs,  call 04168969040 or 04121964467.

For European travellers have a price Euros with our international operators scubadivingmargarita@gmail.com, ask your prices now! For reservations please contact our office Tel: 0058-4121964467, 0058-4168969040  from 5-8pm (Venezuela Time) or send your application back to our headquarter:  info@ssi-scubadivingmargarita.com mail.

For more information on our program of advanced education or other specialties, please contact our office Tel:  04168969040 or 04121964467 after 5pm or send a request via mail info@ssi-scubadivingmargarita.com, or visit http://www.divessi .com / online

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