Scubadiving Margarita

Our philosophy is very simple dive and we are looking for people who share a love and passion of the sea and its inhabitants!

Giving our local divers and visitors a very familiar place, where we teach the love and passion of the sea and its creatures.
We are a group of national and international divers who share the idea of taking the scuba diving towards a surer and entertaining level.

Education is our strength. Modern ideas of diving behind a single, sovereign education makes the federation Scuba Schools International (SSI) to the biggest scuba certifier on international level.

We Scubadiving Margarita, offer video room, planning models, posters, swimming pool, workshop, equipment storage and a large section of new materials and equipment in our dive shop. Cleaning and overhaul of equipment and compressed air cylinders, such as underwater-photo and -videos are just a few characteristics that make us unique here on the island of Margarita. Scubadiving Margarita is everything a diver needs!

Creating a strong community of national and international divers to enjoy water activities on other parameters, safer and more fun. Compliant with the national regulations of the INEA and international of SSI!
Developing education projects, supporting local organizations in the aquatic rescue. 

Protecting our sea and his inhabitants in order that the tomorrow also will offering to us a site of peace, beauty and enjoyment. Eco Diving is the most important project for us divers of Scubadiving Margarita.

The world of diving will be presented in four different components!
Education, diver, diving equipment and dive site environment.
As essential and indispensable foundation it is the good education. She does not come only from the program, she is depends on the Instructor. The way the instructor interacts with the presented program.

The diver himself, as an athlete should know about scuba knowledge and the use of his equipment to avoid dangerous situation which means making strong impacts or damage to nature, fauna and flora of the sea. What serves the best equipment of SCUBA him if the diver cannot handle it!

The majority of the stress presented during a dive is the results of: the conditions of the equipment, O-rings that do not works, valves that have leaks, jackets that they do not inflate etc well. …!
Therefore each diver should obtain their own equipment, knowing well his use. Keeping it in good condition, for maximum enjoyment during your dive without stress.

Choosing suitable places for the sport of scuba diving. The diver should know their level of knowledge to recognize a suitable site for immersion. Sometimes the nature comes in a disguise of a "little angel" and is in indeed a „tremendous devil ".  A orientation dive will give guidance on the conditions of truth. If you dive a new site or even unknown site, seeking help with a professional local Guide (Dive Guide, Dive Master) who knows how to dive ad this site.

Scubadiving Margarita will teach the world to dive behind the standard Scuba Schools International (SSI), with the best instructors and assistants - awarded for work done at the level of aquatic education. Recommended by travel agencies, diving clubs and international web sites. By his nature, its members and its professional team of divers, Scubadiving Margarita guarantees maximum safety for the maximum enjoyment of diving. Allow that the tranquillity of our dives will lead you to a level you've never met!

Become also a part of the great family of divers SDM (Scubadiving Margarita)! Help us in our projects to improve the aquatic environment and our sport. With pleasure we invite you to visit our school.

Address: Hotel Oasis, Av. 31 de Julio, El Tirano – sector entrada Aricagua

Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and 04:30 pm to 07:00 pm
Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Sunday closed

For schedules of our dive trips or our courses please call 0416.896.9040 or 0412.196.4467 or visit us at our store

Scubadiving Margarita ...
Much more than just a Dive Center!

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